Alco Glaze  is sure to have the right solution for every room and every project. We customise our proven systems to suit your material requirements, functionality and colour preferences and develop new solutions for especially challenging areas. Modern manufacturing facilities, certified quality and experienced engineers provide you with the ultimate in technology, quality and design.

Our ceiling systems are not only eye candy – they improve the acoustics in your room, create a pleasant working environment and reliably protect both building and visitors against fire.

Gordon specializes in sustainable architectural ceilings for interior and exterior applications. Gordon offers many ceilings that are designed for commercial, acoustical, educational, cleanroom, data center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments. Many architects, specifiers and designers count on Gordon when unique ceilings are required for their projects.

Other Products:

  • Walls
  • Column Covers
  • Trims
  • Lighting
  • Baffles
  • Specialty Products
  • Industrial Noise Control

Metal Ceiling Metal Ceilings

Alco Glaze offers many metal ceilings that are designed for commercial, acoustical, educational, cleanroom, data center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments.

Wood Ceiling Wood Ceilings

Wood ceilings provide a warm and cozy environment for any interior space. Alco Glaze’s GreenWood ceilings are wood grain films that are applied to metal panels and trims, creating the appearance of real wood without the economic burden or design constraints of natural materials.

Acoustical Ceiling Acoustical Ceilings

Alco Glaze provides many perforated metal ceilings that provide excellence acoustical performance when noise reduction is required. Acoustical ceilings are important for the reduction of noise in educational, data center, healthcare, correctional, industrial, and institutional environments.

Corrugated Ceiling Corrugated Ceilings

Ceilings weren’t always meant to be flat. Corrugated metal panels can be face-attached or lay into one of the many Alco Glaze suspension systems.

Security Ceiling Security Ceilings

Alco Glaze Corrections Division is the leader in the design and manufacture of specialty metal security ceilings used in detention / correctional marketplace. Alco Glaze’s, Lock downand Cel Line ceiling systems, are well known throughout the Corrections / Security industry for their performance, quality, and ease of installation.

Cleanroom Ceiling Cleanroom Ceilings

Alco Glaze Cleanroom Products is the world’s premier supplier of specialty cleanroom architectural ceilings, cleanroom specialty products, and fan-filter modules. Whatever your cleanroom design requirement, Alco Glaze offers a perfect application-based ceiling system to meet your needs.

Data Center Ceiling Data Center Ceilings

Alco Glaze Data Center Ceilings provide the benefit of a drop ceilings and a support system for overhead cable distribution and containment wall systems.

Illuminated Ceiling Illuminated Ceilings

Illuminated ceilings can be provided by utilizing suspension systems with direct and indirect lighting incorporated into them or creating ceilings with lay-in panels that are acrylic or fiberglass reinforced that are backlit.

Curved Ceiling Curved Ceilings

Alco Glaze provides metal ceilings that are curved or undulating to meet your design requirements.
Perforated Ceiling Perforated Ceilings

Many Alco Glaze systems can incorporate the use of perforated metal panels. Typical perforation patterns are round, slot, rectangular, square or oblong. Many standard perforation pattern options are available to create the correct design and percentage of open area.

Translucent Ceiling Translucent Ceilings

Translucent ceilings are creating with lay-in panels that are acrylic or fiberglass reinforced that are backlit.
Perforated Ceiling Antimicrobial Ceilings

Any Alco Glaze ceiling can be provided with an ACROSTAT antimicrobial finish. ACROSTAT is the perfect finish for hospitals, public facilities, schools, pharmaceuticals, nursing homes, hotels, and restaurants.

Exterior Ceiling Exterior Ceilings

Alco Glaze Exterior Specialties sets the standard for metal ceiling products for exterior applications. From canopies to porte cocheres, Alco Glaze provides products that are finished to withstand the elements and comply with your windload requirements.

Ceiling Suspension Ceiling Suspension

Many extruded aluminum ceiling suspension systems are available and suitable for any market environment. No other manufacturer has more suspension design options than Alco Glaze.

Wall Angle Wall Angle

Use Alco Glaze’s wall angle to create a smooth transition from ceiling to wall applications. Alco Glaze offers over 60 profiles of wall angles and perimeter trims to choose from.

Alco Glaze here to help! From cool metals and warm woods to bold colors and bright whites, our broad portfolio of ceilings offers the design flexibility and performance you need for your commercial space.