Structural Glazing & Facades

A new facade technology has gradually emerged in recent decades, driven largely by the pursuit of transparency in the building facade among leading international building designers. This new technology has evolved in long-span applications, and can be categorized by the various structural systems employed as support. New glazing systems are also a part of this technology, with the various point-fixed systems finding most frequent use.

Facade Structures

Structural glass facades are most easily categorized by the structure types that support them.

Glazing Systems

Virtually any type of glazing system can be used with structural glass facades. Common systems include:

  • framed systems
  • stick
  • veneer
  • panel / cassette
  • point fixed

Other Considerations

  • Structural glass facades often make use of different materials and processes than conventional facades.
  • cables, rods, castings
  • architecturally exposed structural steel
  • weather seals